Graceful Outreach to Seniors at Montevideo Nursing Home

senior ministry

The Montevideo Senior Ministry continues the visiting nursing home "Rebirth".  In former visits, the ministry has shared God's beautiful message with the interns. 

In this occasion the ministry attended especially a petition by two elders, Sandro and Chita, who called Monday, asking whether the chapter could go visit them. The senior members accepted the invitation and the following day mobilized as a whole to the nursing home where they were greeted not only by the old couple but also by other interns who have come to know them already. 

The ministry members and the interns shared a beautiful message. It produced such an impact in Arturo, an 82-year-old, that he even asked the senior members to pray for him.

The senior members also visited the room of another 79-year-old elder named 'Benigno', who accepted Christ in his heart for the first time.The senior members are considering  to design of the brochure  for these elders that can help them to retain the message they receive every week. They can read but sometimes their memory fails.

The senior members concluded that it is very rewarding to share these moments with elders and, pray to God that He continues blessing them.