Albuquerque Senior Ministry Plans Diverse Activities for August and the Coming Months

senior ministry

For the months to come and until the end of this year Albuquerque Senior Ministry has planned a group of activities that will promote the fellowship among chapter members and the congregation as a whole.

Senior Bible Studies will be held every Monday at 6:40 p.m. as Etta Linton, the  senior leader considers that Bible Studies are very important as they  strengthen the faith of the participants who come to have a  much better understanding of the Scriptures. The senior ,leader announced that the Bible Studies will make more emphasis on the book of Romans as it is one of the most transcendental books off the Bible.

The Ministry is currently doing craft every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm until the celebration of a breakfast that is planned for September 24.  The Ministry has also planned to hold breakfast on October, November and December. During those breakfast the crafts will be sold to the participants. The collected money will be used in financing other activities of the local chapter, for instance a picnic to the Albuquerque Zoo shall be financed with that money.

The Albuquerque senior leader has envisaged some other activities for that period but they should be introduced as the condition permit. the outreach to seniors in the community is something the chapter is giving consideration to include among the activities to be held.