WOA Senior Ministry Boosts Network with Asia Pacific Region to Set up Local Chapters

asia pacific

As the Asia-Pacific region is one of those in which the setting up of local chapters should be boosted, The WOA senior Ministry Executive Director approached the regional representative and held an exchange on this subject.

The regional representative expresses his deep interest in developing strong senior local chapters as seniors can be a valuable acquisition for the churches: they tend to be more involved in church activities. The increase in the number of senior members will strengthen the congregation and will also allow the church to reach out to other seniors in the community more easily.

The Executive Director of Senior Ministry recognized the work that has been done by the local churches in setting up senior chapters in the region as there have been contacts with them before. However, it considered that if more information is provided to the  local churches better results could be obtained.

Both sides coincided with the need of keeping a sustained approach to this subject by the local churches and the HQ offers its availability to provide all information  and suggestions the local churches may need .

The HQ proposed the regional representative to evaluate the possibility of holding a video conference with all local ministers. During that conference, new ideas and suggestions can be put forward by the HQ to make the mission of the local churches in this field more fruitful. If it is not feasible both parties agree to figure out some other way to attain the same goal.