New Haven Senior Ministry Romans Bible Study Overflows with Grace

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These days, New Haven Senior Ministry is overflowing with grace as they continue to study the book of Romans with senior members. On July 28th, the New Haven Senior Ministry gathered to hold a Bible Study on Romans, entitled "Calling". This study was based on the call that Jesus made to Paul, the sinner of the sinners, as he qualified himself, to go and spread the Gospel over all the Roman Empire.

During the discussion that ensued the reading of the study, the participants agreed that this event marked the change of Paul's attitude from being a merciless persecutor of the early Christians to the most fervent spreader of the Gospel by the grace and love of Jesus Christ and that his sacrifice allowed the church of Jesus to grow against all odds.

The participants reflected that when a Christian answered to the call of Jesus he is only given back the Love that Jesus gave to them first. They concluded that each one of us is called by Jesus to carry out a mission in this Crusade of Love and expressed their disposition to be a part of it.