Arthritis (4)


(Like in many other ailments, to remain active makes an important difference for the bettering of patients. Here we describe briefly what someone suffering from arthritis can do to improve his or her well-being. We encourage you to click on the website link at the bottom of this page to obtain useful information.) 

Along with taking the right medicine and properly resting your joints, exercise might help with arthritis symptoms. Daily exercise, such as walking or swimming, helps keep joints moving, lessens pain, and makes muscles around the joints stronger.

Three types of exercises are best if you have arthritis:

    • Range-of-motionexercises, like dancing, might relieve stiffness, keeep you flexible, and help you keep moving your joints.
    • Strenghtening exercises, such as weight training, will keep or add to muscle strength. Strong muscles support and protect your joints.
    • Aerobic or enduranceexercises, like bicycle riding, make your heart and arteries healthier, help prevent weight gain, and also may lessen swelling in some joints.

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) in the United States has created the Go4Life® campaign to help you start and stick with a safe exercise program. You can learn all about it by going to There you'll find exercises, tip sheets, personal success stories and more! You can even keep track of progress in your exercise program.